very synth much heck

This giant wall of synth is Kosmo. Kosmo is a modular synthesizer I built over the last year using modules primarily designed by other folks.

This is a page showing my latest KOSMO setup. Let me know if you have any questions.

I was particularly drawn to Kosmo modules because I rather enjoy the build and they are cost effective. Sam (Look Mum No Computer) and a few others from the forums have made PCBs and front panels available to purchase. That means all I needed to do to start off my modular is order the components and assemble the module. It also is somewhat less expensive than purchasing Eurorack modules, which can be hundreds of dollars for a single module.

This case I built out of rotting plywood from under the shed. It has a folding handle for easy carrying.

A Frankenstein's amp for sure


One day I got jealous of all those synths with built-in speakers so I figured I would make my own. I took one of those small belt Marshall amps that I found busted at a garage sale, combined it with speakers harvested from a failed circuit bend, and made this monstrousity to be the base of my Kosmo modular.

In other cases (or shelved)

These cases are still in progress.

On the bench

My to do list.

Why is this here?

Because it's a project I'm continually iterating on stretching the limits of my design, electrical, and coding skills. Also, I think it's pretty rad.