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The Jetpack plugin dashboard

Jetpack is a WordPress plugin with over 5 million active installs. It is a collection of security, performance, and marketing tools designed to expand the capabilities of WordPress.

I started work at Automattic in 2013 and spent a significant amount of my time working on Jetpack. When I joined the Jetpack team, the plugin was laden with broken flows and had no concrete plans for monetization.

By the time I left Automattic in 2020, Jetpack was a profitable business. The plugin’s interface was entirely rebuilt using a design system shared with It had a focused business model centered around backups and security. Jetpack’s website was redesigned into a sophisticated and flexible platform tying nicely into the plugin.

The plugin

I redesigned and maintained the Jetpack plugin. The most recent time, we rebuilt the entire plugin interface in React using shared components and design patterns with This made going back and forth between Jetpack and much smoother for users as it now was a cohesive system.

I worked with a team to design and build Jetpack features. This included backup and security features, tiled galleries, the contact form, related posts, WordAds, several widgets, and several blocks.

I helped transition the product from a free product to a profitable product with paid plans. This included quite a range of flows between the Jetpack dashboard,, and depending on the situation.

The Jetpack plugin settings

The website

I redesigned the Jetpack website. Early on, I designed and coded this primarily myself and, as the team grew, it became a group effort. This included research, hypotheses, design, implementation, testing, and iteration. integration

I integrated Jetpack into’s React-based dashboard and even designed/coded some of the most used components on’s interface. I go over a few of the projects here.'s dashboard showing stats and insights


I designed collateral for events including booths, swag, and the conference branding. I also attended several events representing Automattic and Jetpack.